The colours of my hood | Mulberry

Dyeing with local plants is something that I like to do because it keeps my eyes open and my curiosity going. I don't always get good results, but every now and then there is something super interesting coming out of the dyeing pot. 

Here is some basics about the process:

Plant material: 161gr of berries and 127gr of leaves 

WOF (Weight of the fiber): 21gr of mixed samples for each dye.

Fibers: A mix of popelin, silk, linen velvet and corduroy (Basically anything that was ready to go)

Extraction of colour: With the berries it was super easy, with the leaves it took longer, I let them sitting in the dyeing pot overnight.

Lightfastness: Still testing, but berries are well known for being a fugitive dye, we'll see what happens with the yellow from the leaves. 

Extraction process: 

out of the dyeing pot:  

 The results:  

It makes sense that the affinity between silk and mulberry is so good, the colours are great! 

When modifying the colour, I found out that the berry dye is very sensitive to pH changes and it also reacts very well to the iron solution. 

I hope this info helps in your dyeing process, you can find more about this and other local dyes on my instagram 

Happy dyeing folks!
love, Paola x