Macramé Workshops

I started teaching myself macramé when I felt the necessity to start creating with my hands again. I found this craft very rewarding and easy to learn as it doesn't require fancy tools and once you know a few knots you can accomplish a lot in a very short period of time.

Nowadays I love sharing what I know with others in my monthly workshops at The Fumbally Stables and workspaces like Facebook, Google, Web Summit amongst others.
I hope you can join us and remember that everybody can macramé!
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DUBLIN, Macramé Necklaces Workshop | Nov 27th
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MADRID, Taller de Collares de Macramé | Nov 30
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Macramé Wall Hanging Workshop | Nov 2nd
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Macramé Plant Hanger Workshop | Nov 2nd
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Macramé at your workplace/Event
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