Let me tell you my story ...

Hi there! My name is Paola, thanks for visiting my casa!

Almost 5 years ago I moved to Dublin with my husband Sam, who is a Dubliner, football addict and my best friend. We met while we were living in Argentina. I was there doing my masters in Marketing and he was improving his Spanish. I would say it was love at first sight, I know it sounds super cheesy, right? soz! I can't think of a different way to describe it. After living in Buenos Aires for a couple of years we decided that moving to Dublin was the best decision for us, and it definitely has been. I love Dublin! The last few years I've met amazing people here and had the chance to get to know the Irish culture and feel part of it. I even got a bit of a Dublin accent when I speak English, or at least that is what Sam and friends of mine say.   

I currently work as a Visual Merchandiser, but I decided to start a personal project and build a space that allows me to be a bit more creative and therefore happy!     I've always loved DIY, I think I got it from my mum who was always encouraging me to create things from scratch with very simple materials. In school, I was always the one taking care of the decorations for all sorts of small events as well as the one backstage working on the sets for our annual plays. Once I started college my creativity went in a different direction and advertising took most of my time. I learned a lot about design, photography and arts but DYI as a hobby wasn't part of my day-to-day. Sometimes it's just so difficult to make the time to do what you love when other priorities take over. Recently, I went back to the basics and started creating with my hands again. It has been really good for me, I'm the happiest person, I find it therapeutic!

Macramé, loom weaving and natural dying are the techniques I'm exploring at the moment, but I am always looking for new things to learn and try so I can continue creating.

If you'd like any of my pieces, learn macramé or just share your thoughts, feel free to email me at folklorehomedecor@gmail.com 

I hope you enjoy this space; welcome to my casa! 

  Besos y abrazos, Paola :)